Horse Brand Co.


About Us

We have started the company 10 years ago because we understand the horse language and the riders needs.

Our goal is to interpret the riders wishes and to improve the connection with the horse, as we know the saddle design, we can influence on the horses movements and performance.

We spent years developing and improving our saddles, focusing mostly on our trees and our panels.

It is a daily work and a effort to push our riders to express their willings and adapt them to the saddle. We control every step and process of the production personally using the best technology and highest quality materials.

When knowledge, quality and technology follow the dream of a rider, then you get a perfect product.

Horse Brand Company, developed by riders

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Paul Groussac 1030, El Talar, Pacheco,
Provincia de Buenos Aires - Argentina
(+54 011) 4736-7105